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Both communities vote to merge by big margins

On Tuesday, November 13, the members of both Ilford United Synagogue and Redbridge United Synagogue voted on the unanimous recommendations of the Honorary officers of both synagogues to merge into a new community, located in Beehive Lane. Although a simple majority would have sufficed, the votes from both communities were overwhelmingly in favour of the proposal.

The next stage will be to seek formal approval from United Synagogue Council at its meeting in December to close both synagogues and open the new community, which should come into being in mid May 2019.

We thank everyone who came out to express their views and look forward to the next stage in the life of the community.

Shabbat 23rd November begins @ 15:47 | This week's sedra is Vayishlach | Shabbat ends @ 16:53 (Ma'ariv 17:10)

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