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Weekday Services:
6.50am Mon & Thu
7am Tue, Wed & Fri
8.15am on Sunday


Weekday Services:
Rosh Chodesh
6.40am Weekdays
8am on Sunday & Public Holidays

Mon - Thurs at 1.45pm
Mincah & Ma'ariv in Summer
Mon - Thurs at 7.30 pm
Ma'ariv in Winter
Mon - Thurs at 7.30 pm
Minister: -
Rabbi Nissan Wilson
Tel: (020) 8418 2124
rabbi wilson

Administrator: -
Angela Petar
Tel: (020) 8551 6533
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Synagogue Office Hours:
Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9.30am-2.30pm


Memorial Light donated by the Perl Family

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Summer Candle Lighting

The time for the earliest candle lighting on Friday evening moves beyond 7.30 pm. Rabbi Wilson suggests that throughout June and July, women should light their candles at 7.50 pm. This will dovetail with the Friday night service in Shul, where, following Minchah at 7:30 pm, we begin the Kabbalos Shabbos service at around 7:50 pm. If one mistakenly lit too early, the lighting is actually invalid and the candles should be extinguished and re-lit!

Children's Service
Bridge Evening

Shabbos Project (Shabbat UK)

The Shabbos Project is an exciting global effort to encourage as many Jewish people to keep one Shabbos on Friday & Saturday 24 & 25 October 2014. Each Shul is left to its own devices to run imaginative programmes that will enthuse and engage the local community. The first thing to do is keep the date free. Next, commit to being part of Clayhall’s special Shabbos Project day. Finally, look out for the first release of information coming to you very soon. We want this to be a mammoth event attracting large numbers of people across all ages. The aim is to be ambitious and simply go for it! We are working hard to produce an outline vision to fill the whole day with inspiration and ending with a communal Havdalah party. All the Jewish Kiruv (outreach) organisations are taking part - Aish, Jewish Learning Exchange and Seed.

Shabbat UK

NEROS Selichos Service

There’s nothing like good notice and the NEROS Selichos Service takes place at Ilford Federation Shul on Saturday night 20 September. The address by Rabbi Alex Chapper is at 11.40 pm and the service, led by Chazan Adrian Alexander begins at 12.00 am. Refreshments served from 10.45.

Selicot 2014

Clayhall Cares

Please let either the Shul office, Rabbi Wilson or Gordon Miller know of any member(s) who is/are unwell. We will arrange home or hospital visits and shopping if necessary. We treat all information in the strictest confidence. Sometimes, there are situations where we can only offer limited help or we simply do not have the time, expertise or resources. So never hesitate to call Jewish Care Direct on 020 8922 2222.

Sukkot 2014

Clayhall Library

Please use our Shul library that is located in the Ackerman Resource Centre on the ground floor. Over 160 books to read or borrow covering a range of Jewish topics are available. We will shortly be sending out the list of books to encourage greater use. If anyone would like to donate books either in celebration of a Simchah or to commemorate a Yahrzeit, please speak to the Office. Click here for a list of books in the library.

Chessington - 7th July 2013
Purim 2013
Purim - 24th Feb 2013

Jubillee TeaDiamond Jubilee Tea - 2012

Mitzvah Day 2012
Mitzvah Day - 2012

Lag Ba'Omer 2014
Lag B'Omer 2014

Gullivers LandGullivers Land - 13th May 2012

Mitzvah Day
Mitzvah Day - 2013

Movie Night
Movie Night

Owls Play CentrePlaycentre 2013

Chanukah Party
Chanukah 2013



Clayhall Kehilla
Click here for the Kehilla archive

Canoeing & Raft Building
Canoeing & Raft Building

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Calendar of Events
Thursday 24 CST Security training
Shabbos 26 Children’s Service
Shabbos 26 Jewish Care Kiddush
Sunday 27 Speaking Up for Israel conf
Sunday 3 Bagel breakfast

Bridge Evening
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